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White Lightning Media started with a dream, a passion and a little bit of luck in 2009. I was given the opportunity to film for a Canadian hunting TV show and spent many years thereafter playing cameraman in the woods for a couple different Canadian hunting shows.

In 2016 I bought my first piece of equipment, a Sony a6000 and White Lightning “Adventures” was born! Over the years the equipment arsenal was built as needed and for branding purposes I changed the name to White Lightning Media!

My goal with WLM has always been to experience as much life as possible (Thats where “adventures” came from) and share it while learning more and more skills along the way!

So I would like to invite you on my adventure and allow me to share your story through the lens of my camera. Whether it be a product or service your business provides, your family, your pride and joy and everything in between, I would love to tell your Story.

-Kelsey Pelletier

TRust Tripak

A partnership between myself and TriPak Superlubricants to bring you this awesome ad that I am proud to put my name on. Concept, Story, Video and Editing all done in house.

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White Lightning (aka Kelsey Pelletier)


Not knowing a thing about video in 2009, other than record and zoom, I learned quick that getting the shot is important also, Remembering to PUSH the record button (thankfully I did).

Kelsey Pelletier


In a conversation with a fella one night, this was said “I’m a Navy recruiter. NOBODY joins the Navy because the government tells them to. They join because the recruiter sells them on the experience.” That is POWERFUL! This goes for your business, service or product as well. Lets focus on the feeling you get when you walk in the door, the greeting from the staff, the knowledge they provide you about the products or services you sell. Lets build that connection and sell THAT to your customers.


Video to me is information, a story. Telling a story or sharing information by video is the next best thing to standing in front of someone and explaining it. In some ways, it's even better and allows you to be as creative as you want.