Ever since I was young I loved the outdoors and cameras. At one point I wanted my own fishing show after watching countless hours of Hank Parkers outdoor magazine, little did I know in 2017 I would have the opportunity to film Hank and his close friend Keith on a whitetail hunt and made some great friends.

On this journey I have been on, I have done a lot of amazing things, met some even more amazing people and learned from every one of them. I credit my work ethic and attention to detail to my Grandfather, my ability to always find a way to my Mom and my daily guidance through life to God. Dreams do come true and I am truly blessed to have had every opportunity that has been put before me. I am forever grateful to my friends and family and could not have done it with out you all.

My name is Kelsey Pelletier, I am a Photographer, a Videographer, a Father, a Son, a Grandson, a follower of God and I am just getting started.

Why White Liightning Media?


From welding in the shop, logging in the woods, fracing in -60 degree weather to the outdoors. My background has rounded me out to see things different than most.

13 Years of Experience

From that first trip to the Yukon to this very day, I have not stopped learning.

Story Telling

I take pride in knowing that no matter what, there is a story to tell and I am determined to tell it.

Our Home

Grande Prairie, Alberta