Real Estate

Changing the face of real estate one video at a time. Boost engagement and activity with a video walk through of your listings.


Video of the biggest day of your life!


Family photo and Video sessions


Video and Photo

Product Video and Photography in HD and 4K.


Video and Photo

Business Highlight and commercial content. Showcase your business, recruit new employees and build your training videos!


Behind the scenes or telling the story, I have you covered

Event Coverage

Got a great event? Need coverage and marketing material made up for next year?


Videography and Photography Only


Editing Only. Got a VLOG or gaming content you want edited?



Video Projects


Memories Captured

Why White Lightning Media?

In a world full of a need for instant gratification with things like TikTok, Reels and Shorts. The need for more compelling content is even more important than ever. Grabbing the attention of the viewer holding it and causing the viewer to retain the story and information you have just shown them is the goal. So here is the answer to why… Because we aren’t out to just press record. We aren’t out to get you mindless likes. We are here to tell your story in such a way that people stop, watch, retain and react to your video and photo content. From businesses to events and weddings, covering everything in between. Telling that story is the goal. Stopping the viewer from scrolling into an abyss of mindless videos. Get that viewer to stop, on your video, watching and listening, retaining and converting them from a viewer to an active follower.

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